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how often should you change the look of your website?

Ever Felt Embarrassed by Your Website? Discover When It’s Time for a Makeover.

Have you ever hesitated to share your website with others? I certainly have, and not just a decade ago—just last week, in fact.

Recently my sister hosted an intervention “webtervention” for me, candidly declaring, “You need a new website. This one is too bland. You work on the cool websites for everyone else, and I wouldn’t hire you based on your current site.”

Perhaps harsh, but undeniably necessary.

Perhaps harsh, but undeniably necessary.

Growing up, I heard the Spanish phrase, “En casa de herrero, cuchillo de palo,” which translates to, “At a blacksmith’s home, a wooden knife.” This saying underscores how someone proficient at a skill for others might not have their own affairs in order.

Now, I could list a million excuses. Corporate demands, heavy workloads, and primarily referral-based clients. All valid, but irrelevant to the point I aim to make. So, I decided to take action.

This led to one of the most enjoyable website-building experiences to date— the one you’re exploring right now.

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how often should I change the look of my website

How Often Should You Change Your Website's Look?

In essence, revamping your website every 3-4 years is a prudent strategy. Why? Let’s delve into the reasons.

1.Trends Evolve:Website design is akin to fashion, with seasonal and yearly trends. The pace of change in web design trends is like fashion on steroids.

2. Technological Advances: Mobile technology undergoes rapid transformations. Smart phones and smart TVs are in the mix. What worked for the original Blackberry will not suit the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Given the prevalence of mobile usage, adaptation is crucial.

3.Decreased User Tolerance: Users are less forgiving of a poor online experience. They demand quick-loading websites, easily accessible information, and mobile-friendly interfaces.

Other Considerations When Changing Your Website's Look:

  • Know Your Audience: Tailor your website to your specific audience. What works for a cruise line might not resonate with a local hospital. Investigate industry trends to understand what your target audience expects.
  • Express Your Personality: Infuse your website with personality. Showcase your uniqueness while ensuring essential elements, like a portfolio and contact information, are easily accessible.
  • Avoid Cutting Corners: While being budget-conscious is essential, investing in expertise is equally vital. Experience often trumps the lowest bidder. Consider worst-case scenarios like security vulnerabilities and hacking, learning from past experiences to prevent and respond effectively.
  • Consider Outside Help: For larger projects, hiring external help can be beneficial. If the website redesign seems overwhelming, consulting services can guide you through the process.
  • Don’t Forget SEO: If you’ve had a website for years, incorporate SEO into the conversation. Preserve existing rankings and inform search engines of any changes. Whether through a consultant or an in-house SEO expert, ensure this critical aspect is addressed.

Ready for a Change? We're Here to Help.

Embarking on a website redesign can be a significant undertaking, and neglecting crucial elements like SEO could be costly. If you’re considering a makeover or need guidance throughout the process, we’re here for you. Contact Revitalize Web for expert assistance in crafting a website that not only meets industry standards but also reflects your unique identity. Let’s transform your online presence together.

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