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are seo services worth it

SEO: Is it Worth It?

If you’ve ever had a website floating around on the internet, you’ve at one point gotten an e-mail (or several hundreds)addressing you as “Dear Sir/Madam” and informing you that your website is “not meeting what you need to have SEO #1 Google rankings” or offering you “best link-building services for best SEO”. These e-mails are almost as famous as the Nigerian prince offering you a chunk of his $35 million inheritance in exchange of you cashing a check that can only be changed and deposited into a US bank account. And in the name of my industry, for that I profusely apologize.

I know you might just be one of those who cringe at the thought of SEO. However, if you are at least considering SEO and wondering, “Are SEO services worth it?”

As someone who has dedicated a decade to optimizing websites for more visibility on Google, my short answer is yes. But that might be the wrong question to ask.

is seo worth it
seo is it Worth it

Are SEO services worth it? | Photo source: Andras Vas

A question that would be really be beneficial to know is: Is SEO right for my business right now?

The first thing you must know is that SEO takes time.

SEO is not an ad. There’s no on and off button. It takes consistency from the person or team performing it and patience from the interested investor. It can be abstract. There are basics on every website that need to be tackled and depending on your competition or current state of your website, some websites take more efforts than others.

On average, I personally have started seeing significant movement in traffic three months down the line of me working on a site, but that’s not a formula. With that said, if you are starting out and need to generate traffic urgently, I highly recommend that you spend money on ads first. Whether they are social media or Google ads, they will accommodate to your immediate needs better. When you’ve built up, reconsider hiring for SEO. That is, unless you have deep budget for marketing to begin with and can tackle both.

seo services

SEO Specialists are not magicians

  • Consider the current state of your website:
  • Does it take too long to load?
  • Does it adapt well to multiple phones?
  • Do you have 2003 generic business stock photos and it shows?
  • When people visit your site, do they instinctively know how or where to communicate with you?
  • Has it been more than 4-5 years since you have redesigned it?

SEO specialists are not magicians. Even if we give the illusion that we are, once your business is reaping the benefits of more leads and more money. These are areas you are going to have to address.

And if it’s time for a new website, don’t skip this step. Ideally you can hire a team that can build your website with an SEOs point of view in mind, like us. This will help accelerate your process of ranking on Google.

SEO is forever

Yes, forever. Unless you are selling surf boards in the middle of the desert, meaning zero competition, chances are, if you are considering SEO for business, it is something your provider will be continuously working on. Eventually, once your business continues to grow, it might be worth considering hiring in-house help to handle some tasks, along with your agency.

are seo services worth it

SEO: Is it Worth It? | Photo Source: Andras Vas

The Good News of SEO

In my experience, websites that I have worked on tend to see anywhere more than 40% of their traffic coming in organically from Google. Either being the #1 source of traffic or #2 right after advertisement such as Google Ads. When you have put in the time or investment to outrank your competitors. SEO pays handsomely.

Ready to start jumpstart your business with SEO? Contact us.

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